Review Cards – Let People know You’re the One

These cards will help you get the word out about your business with a simple scan from your phone or computer. They are perfect for providing a quick summary of your services or products. People love to tell you what you can do, it’s just that some of them don’t know how. This makes a great way for them to get in touch with you! We have found that these cards are more efficient than a generic thank you card.

We wanted to create something that would be light and easy to print on; perfect for the office or on the go. Our backers have really embraced this concept and we are pleased with how it’s been received. That’s why American Print’s review cards are always embraced by our happy clients. We know that we are doing great work because it goes straight into our clients’ hands and that’s the best compliment we could ask for.

Review cards are best for personal and home printing. We print on high quality card stock, 2” square and 4.5” standard. We also offer magnets (with or without magnetic sheet), unique logos, sleek graphics and text. We have a variety of stock sizes to choose from. Our standard file is a 4.5” x 3.5” card (60 total 4.5” x 3.5” cards). It is the most cost-effective package for anyone interested in printing review cards. For our new Kickstarter backers, please contact us for additional info.

Reviews are always the best way to promote your business. When you print reviews, we know it will attract more clients. This is the fastest, most cost-effective way for promotion. We have tons of images on file, including QR codes, logos, and more. Your review cards are your opportunity to say “Hey, I know you!” Our company “American Print” that can create a lot of impressions in a short time and guarantee delivery of your review card before the day is done. Our printing service is faster than any other service. Our deadlines are in line and our policies are flexible. Our pricing is competitive and our customer service is second to none.


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